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I have to confess that, being somewhat of a traditionalist, this is the first vehicle powered partly or wholly by electricity I have ever driven. First impressions were that it looks pretty good, rather sporty in fact, and with a modern, light interior. So far so good.

It wouldn't start. Tried the start button several times and nothing. Then I realised that I am as stupid as legend would have it, and that of course there's no starter motor, no growling V6, no chugging diesel, because at low speeds it runs on electricity, and it's quiet. Once I'd recovered from being idiot of the week, I set off in serene, slightly embarrassed silence. Up to about 30mph you're powered by the car's self-charging electric motor, after which the 1.8 petrol engine kicks in seamlessly. It's all very smooth, quiet and relaxing. Driving around town is so easy, the CVT transmission deals with speed up and slow down effortlessly and I have to say it's a very easy car to live with. On the open road acceleration is brisk and motorway cruising is quiet and refined. If you're used to a manual gearbox, or even an auto with it's big central lever, the dainty little auto change on the Lexus is a little odd at first, but it quickly became a favourite of mine - it's just so easy. A simple knob rotates to change between Eco, Normal and Sport mode and all other controls are easy to operate. Needless to say, the build quality is what you'd expect from Lexus.

The heated seats are comfortable and supportive and whilst it's going to be a bit tight for 3 large adults in the back, for most purposes the space on offer is more than adequate. Fuel economy worked out between 50 and 60 mpg depending on what sort of driving you were doing, but for me the great thing about this car is that it offers round-town driving though it's electric motor, providing quiet and pollution-free motoring where you need it most. I would not buy an EV, but i would be very tempted by a self-charging hybrid. This 2017 CT200H is on sale with us at £12995


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