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Now I can understand a Saab Convertible not being everyone's favourite car, after all it's perhaps a little old fashioned looking and, well it's a Saab. There's clearly a but coming......

But......once you're inside and driving, it's actually pretty good, especially with this 210 bhp turbocharged 2 litre engine. The first thing you notice is that it's not like other convertibles - in fact once your sat in the car you'd be hard pushed to tell that it's a convertible at all. This is down to the triple layered roof design, built to withstand the savagery of the Swedish winter, not just an occasional nip from the beast from the east. Opening the roof is something of a revelation. At any speed up to 20mph you simply press the button and the roof quietly and speedily folds itself up into the boot. Very impressive.

Equally impressive is the engine. It's fast, smooth and fun to drive, though that much power through the front wheels does demand a little care. Gear change is slick, the clutch is light and the steering positive, though a little light for my liking. At 75 on the motorway it's very quiet and smooth, while the leather seats are Volvo-like in terms of comfort and adjustability. The controls are easily laid out and true to Saab's aeronautical connections, it even feels like you are in a cockpit. Cabin crew, prepare for take off!

There's nothing much wrong with the car - it's very fast, smooth and comfortable, and even returns more than 30mpg. It all depends on whether you like the look of it or not, but with summer somewhere on the horizon it's going to give somebody a whole lot of fun!

The one we're selling has a full Saab specialist service history, and runs like a dream. If you'd like a test drive - get in touch - and remember for this week only, the price has been reduced to Just £1595 - grab yourself a real bargain.

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