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There are two main ways to buy a car from us here at Fell and Dale Cars

 1. Choose a car from our stock on the website, or....

 2. If you know what vehicle you want, we offer a source and deliver service - details below


Whichever, unless you visit us in person, we are bound by the Distance Selling regulations, about which you can find out more below. 


We normally hold about 20-25 cars in stock at our base in Cumbria. Should one of these look like the ideal car for you, here's what to do:

First of all, contact us and make sure it's still available.


If it is, ask us for some additional information -  we can supply extra photos or video, but it's often best to simply have a chat over the phone first (speak to John, on 07970 138591) and we can answer any questions you may have.

After talking to us and obtaining whatever extra information you need, if you then decide that the car is the right one for you, we will provide a quote for delivering the car to your chosen location - that might be a ferry port for example or your home. I understand what the sea air, road salt and weather can do to a car, so we will also offer a quote for professional undersealing and ceramic paintwork protection. It's entirely up to you whether you want this or not and there'll be no pressure from us to get it done.


Your chosen car will be MOTd, serviced and thoroughly checked over, and it will then be delivered to you. The car will have a 3 month warranty with it, through Warrantywise (any local VAT registered garage can undertake warranty work) and you will have the option to extend this to 6 or 12 months.



We also source cars for people regularly. Here's how it works:


- First of all, you will need to provide us with as much information as possible about what you're looking for, eg: make; model; engine size; petrol or diesel; age of car; budget; colour; essential features eg sunroof, cruise control;


- Armed with that information, we will then source cars that match what you're looking for. We'll forward basic photos and a description, along with our honest appraisal of the car and a price guide. Depending on availability, we might find several cars that match your requirements straight away, sometimes it takes a few days. There's no commitment to buy at this stage and the service is free. 


- When you find a vehicle that ticks all the boxes, let us know and we'll provide some extra photos and information. Then it's decision time - if all's well, we'll go ahead. Several things can go wrong at this stage however (!) for example, the vehicle might have already been sold or we may not be able to purchase it within your budget constraints. Occasionally we find something wrong with the car that would prevent us from buying it. We always get there in the end though.


- Once we've purchased the vehicle we'll have it delivered to us, we'll MOT and service the car and give it a thorough checkover. If required it can be given underbody or paintwork protection at this stage. We'll then deliver it to you.


- The whole process can take a little while, but on average once we've found the right vehicle, it will take 12-14 days between purchase and delivery to you.

You may have seen companies such as Cazoo and Cinch advertising their services nationally. What we offer is very similar, but more personal and obviously on a much smaller scale. You'll also find that we will have access to a bigger range of lower priced cars, for example if you search Cazoo for an SUV under £7500 there aren't any,

Anyone selling goods including cars on a distance selling basis has to follow some basic rules - as far as cars is concerned, this includes the customers right to return the vehicle within 14 days. All enquirers will receive a detailed information sheet by email explaining distance selling. 

Get in touch and see what we can do to help find your next car.

John White



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